01 - Aug - 2019

Why mobile application is important for your business?

One of the modern digital environment’s features is a remote multi-tasking device that can leverage all the day to day business and chores.

Author: Nikita Rohira

03 - Jul - 2019

The must have features for eCommerce Website!

Thinking about selling your products online? Worried about opening an eCommerce store?

Author: Nikita Rohira

27 - Jun - 2019

How to launch a successful email marketing campaign?

Sending emails look so simple. As simple as adding an image, content and you think you are ready to go.

Author: Nikita Rohira

08 - May - 2019

SEO-Why you need it and how to nail it?

Who doesn't want to get listed on Google’s top search list?

Author: Nikita Rohira

07 - May - 2019

80-20 Rule in Software Development

Does 80/20 Pareto principle apply to software development?

Author: Pravin Taneja

04 - May - 2019

How to determine a tech-partner over a mere vendor?

Every great idea needs a well-crafted plan and loving people to see through it.

Author: Nikita Rohira

27 - Apr - 2019

Do I need a website for my business?

Whether you're starting a startup or establishing a successful brand,

Author: Nikita Rohira

26 - Apr - 2019

Limitations of Open Source Solutions

Open source solutions are great. No doubt about it. At the same time, it does carry some inherent limitations.

Author: Pravin Taneja

22 - Apr - 2019

What Analytics Can Do?

Everywhere you go, you hear about Analytics, about Data, about growing business with analytics and data.

Author: Nikita Rohira

20 - May - 2017

Hang a ball in the cockpit

Today I want to share one secret of why our software products have such a good quality.

Author: Pravin Taneja

18 - May - 2017

Indian IT industry - bouncing back to glory

I have been reading a lot of negative news about Indian IT industry recently.

Author: Pravin Taneja