06 - Jan - 2020

Easing The Selling Process

Everytime we start planning about selling those extras to our clients, at first everything seems perfect.

Author: Nikita Rohira

31 - Dec - 2019

Marketing Trends To Boost Your Business In 2020

With the emerging trends and the internet craze, it is nothing new to know about the digital marketing and the scope of it.

Author: Nikita Rohira

23 - Dec - 2019

6 Best Practices for Brand Management in 2020

Having a business with online presence and unaware of the branding tacts?

Author: Nikita Rohira

15 - Nov - 2019

Our Software Development Guiding Principles

Entire solution suite from Intelli Softwares® is following certain principles.

Author: Pravin Taneja

03 - Oct - 2019

Tips To Choose A Right Custom Software Development Company

Every successful organization today needs a software that makes its business...

Author: Nikita Rohira

19 - Aug - 2019

7 Main Elements of a Website

For every time, we think about designing a website, the 1st idea that pops up...

Author: Nikita Rohira

01 - Aug - 2019

Why mobile application is important for your business?

One of the modern digital environment’s features is a remote multi-tasking device that can leverage all the day to day business and chores.

Author: Nikita Rohira

03 - Jul - 2019

The must have features for eCommerce Website!

Thinking about selling your products online? Worried about opening an eCommerce store?

Author: Nikita Rohira

27 - Jun - 2019

How to launch a successful email marketing campaign?

Sending emails look so simple. As simple as adding an image, content and you think you are ready to go.

Author: Nikita Rohira

08 - May - 2019

SEO-Why you need it and how to nail it?

Who doesn't want to get listed on Google’s top search list?

Author: Nikita Rohira

07 - May - 2019

80-20 Rule in Software Development

Does 80/20 Pareto principle apply to software development?

Author: Pravin Taneja

04 - May - 2019

How to determine a tech-partner over a mere vendor?

Every great idea needs a well-crafted plan and loving people to see through it.

Author: Nikita Rohira

27 - Apr - 2019

Do I need a website for my business?

Whether you're starting a startup or establishing a successful brand,

Author: Nikita Rohira

26 - Apr - 2019

Limitations of Open Source Solutions

Open source solutions are great. No doubt about it. At the same time, it does carry some inherent limitations

Author: Pravin Taneja

22 - Apr - 2019

What Analytics Can Do?

Everywhere you go, you hear about Analytics, about Data, about growing business with analytics and data.

Author: Nikita Rohira

20 - May - 2017

Hang a ball in the cockpit

Today I want to share one secret of why our software products have such a good quality.

Author: Pravin Taneja

18 - May - 2017

Indian IT industry - bouncing back to glory

I have been reading a lot of negative news about Indian IT industry recently.

Author: Pravin Taneja