We are Singapore based IT company providing services to local & regional clients since 2004. We have grown from one person sole-proprietorship to a private limited company with a wholly owned subsidiary based in India with users of our solution in more than 10 countries. Our Indian subsidiary allows us to tap-in immense IT talent widely available and thus we can offer uncompromised solutions to you at affordable prices.

All our solutions are ready to cater for Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) compliance requirements, this is already mandatory in Singapore. In addition we have several features in our solution that would make it easier for you to implement ISO 27001 - Information Security Management. So if your business requires very restricted and limited data access to individuals with detailed audits then you will surely benefit from our years of research in preserving data integrity.

Our solutions are designed to preserve data integrity, capture detailed audit logs, allow fine granular data access rights configuration, able to withstand moderate hacking attacks, handle massive traffic from users and perform optimally without putting burden on hosting environment or on database systems. We can offer highly sophisticated enterprise grade applications complete with multi-lingual user interface, supporting multi-currency, customizations based on country etc. You can be at peace that you receive best possible services, your precious data remains safe and your solution can scale up to any level of online visitor traffic when needed.

We specialize in several key web solutions development activities including development of web applications, cloud solutions, integrated Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, web portals, web designing, CMS, web mobile apps, eCommerce etc. In addition we also offer other services like SEO/SEM, web hosting, cloud backups through our partners. So you get full spectrum of IT services under a single roof.



Our mission is to empower businesses with smart business software, allow leveraging full force of IT to grow quickly, generate profitable & sustainable organizations. This mission would be fulfilled through our integrated solution that


  • Helps improve overall productivity,
  • Allows using the solution from any device, any OS,
  • Manages crucial data with single version of it,
  • Allows granting access to all employees who needs access to it,
  • Protects data integrity & access from unauthorized personnel,
  • Allows "start small & grow unlimited at own pace" model, facilitate smooth upgrades without any data migration or downtime or employee retraining,
  • Take care of all IT related chores so that employees focus only on managing & growing the business.


Offer quality software products and services in various areas that achieves one or more of following objectives:

  1. (i) make users highly productive
  2. (ii) make users informed
  3. (iii) assist in cutting costs

Do it with honesty, integrity and using ethical business practices

Software products & services to have absolute quality, not just being free from bugs, but fully understand needs of users, streamline processes, facilitate efficiency gain, serve users with consistent quality & reliability

Respect and treat each employee with dignity, be tolerant for honest mistakes and provide fair & equal opportunity for all to progress

Constantly stay in the value advantage area on price-benefits map (more benefits for same price, less price for same benefits)

Create unending stream of IT products and services, use IT and innovation to serve mankind


Mr Pravin Taneja

Founder, CEO and Passionate Programmer

Mr Pravin is a Civil Engineer by academic qualification, who later made his hobby as full time profession. He is passionate programmer at a core and enjoys creating software for more than 23 years now. His perspective about IT is different from most IT professionals who get excited about technology on its own; while Mr Pravin gets excited about potential benefits any new technology can deliver to clients. He also enjoys self-growth literature and is an ardent fan of Tony Robbins. While not programming he can be found spending time with his daughter and wife who is also a founding director in the company.

Ms Josephine Lora

Co-founder, Chairman and PRO

Ms Josephine holds a masters degree in Computer applications and with more than 23 years of broad responsibilities that include sales, business development, solutions engineering and account management functions who thrives in a fast paced, dynamic environment and is passionate about delivering outstanding customer and end-user experiences. She brings sanity to esoteric ideas that Mr Pravin throws on the table often. She enjoys interacting with people and rightfully manages all Public Relations activities. An inspiring leader who approaches projects with enthusiasm and vision.