18 - May - 2017
  Author- Pravin Taneja

Originally published on LinkedIn

I have been reading a lot of negative news about Indian IT industry recently. There are numerous reports about how many layoffs Indian IT industry would see in near future. How lazy & slow it has been and why it deserves to loose its shine.

While I don't deny these facts, I still feel many sounds like the industry is about to go through the deepest crisis or going to be written off. The reality is not so bad and I don't think it would remain bad too long either.

Indian IT industry didn't climb to its past glory without an inherent set of talents that it has. These talents are very much intact. After receiving "embarrassing smack" of getting caught off guard with the disruptive changes happening in automation & artificial intelligence space, now all have woken up and openly "embracing SMAC" along with IoTs, automation and AI.

All Indians are Jugaad experts. Brains are at work with serious focus. Give few years to Indian IT industry, it will bounce back for sure. The question is not will it do it or not, the question is how soon will it do it. I feel dawn is not far and a new IT sun is about to rise from the "east" one more time!

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