31 - Dec - 2019
  Author- Nikita Rohira

Marketing Trends To Boost Your Business In 2020 - Intelli Softwares

With the emerging trends and the internet craze, it is nothing new to know about the digital marketing and the scope of it.
But with the pace that technology is taking shape, keeping up with it is most challenging.

To keep an eye on the rolling trends, and ways to beat the competitiors, here are some of the top marketing trends for 2020.


1. Social Media shopping:

By now, we know about the importance of social media marketing and many of us even use social media platforms like instagram, facebook, pinterest to show about our products, events, offers, services, etc.

However, what's making it more trending and demanding is the CTA's and allowing the shopping via the social media platforms itself.

In 2020, instead of just posting your product's images on instagram, sell it on instagram.

Make social media your eCommerce store.


2. Visualization

Videos, vlogs were the trending phase of 2019, where each vlogger got a huge response.

And this trend is following to 2020 with some upgradations.

Along with travel, cosmetics , each and every business today is focusing on creating videos as customers are more interested in videos than images.

So instead of showing them some perfectly clicked pictures, show them a complete video of your product. They would appreciate it more.


3. Influencer marketing

Digital influencers are growing rapidly.

To grow your business, you can get into a paid partnership with an influencer that has a lot of followers.

The benefit of marketing your business via a digital influencer is in a limited time, you can connect with a larger crowd and if the influence has a very huge fan base, you can expect some returns immediately.


4. Interactive content

Content marketing is not a new one but an evergreen old school trick.

Today buyers are lookingfor an interactive content that helps them understand your product or service.

Instead of just marketing about your product, try to interact and provide some useful information to the customers.

Write blogs that would connect with the customers on emotional level, or would be an interactive one.

Now, customers don't relay on what you say about your product but how useful it is through content.

Speak through the content!


5. Personalised service

Email marketing and advertising are out of the game in 2020.

Those generic emails about the products sent to the entire list is no more going to help.

The newer trend demands a personalised service.

With personalised emails, offering the customers exactly what they want and the customised services and products, you can upsell your business's sale.


Wrapping up...
With new year comes the newer marketing trends....
Look out for these marketing trends to grow your business in 2020.
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