19 - Aug - 2019
  Author- Nikita Rohira

For every time, we think about designing a website, the 1st idea that pops up in our mind is of a perfect website
A website that will attract customers, make them happy and leave back tons of wow compliments.

Often in desiring for a perfect website, we forget about the basic elements that completes the designing phase.
Let's take a look at the elements that are useful in improving your user experience.


As the saying goes, "First impression is the last impression", your website design is the first thing customers notice while landing on the website.
So that implies that your design must create a lasting impression, right?

However, giving it a thought, design is not just about fancy drawings and colors. It comprises of those minute details:

a. Whitespace
The fundamental block of good design is the whitespace.
Yes, the space between elements, graphics, margins, columns, lines of type, figures, etc.
That little space, we often tend to ignore is what gives a visual breathing eye to a client.
It helps customers’ in distinguishing the content, the products, and the other stuffs they are looking for.
So having a lot of plenty space is considered as a clean and organized site.

Whitespace is not merely a blank space - it is the element of design that balances things and reminds us that designs are beautiful.

b. Header design
Website header is the first element to grab a customer's attention.
After all, header tells about your brand, about you and your business in short.

Having a proper marginalised and padded header that showcase company logo, brand, and features in stylish way (contrasted colors and fonts) is must.

An eye-catching header comprises of well-sized attractive company logo, big heading, information related to navigation, and main content information.

c. Footer Design
Footers are a safety net for customers to get through the areas of the website when they are at the bottom of the site.
More often, footer is the place to display legal information, credibility, seo, etc.
It acts as a website map and not only this, but also impacts search engine rankings.

Footer should comprise of company name & logo, link to your information, social media links, copyright notice, and effective call-to-action.

d. Typography
Sadly, this is the most under-rated element of website design.
Of course, words and design matter but doesn't that include the way we present?
Well, typography is the way of presenting the words that will bring on the customers.

In previous years, web fonts meant about those simple styles but today with google, we can easily access many web safe fonts for free.
Website fonts are as the handwriting styles; the more attractive, the more we love it.

Along with huge traffic, it helps in maintaining consistency throughout the website content.
Proper style with proper alignment, proper size gives a ravishing outlook.

Choose the font that contrasts with your brand, content, and website, not to forget, the design as well.


Any and every website must have a simple and easy navigation.
Navigation doesn't just mean having main information in header or at the bottom of the website.
It means having a proper scroll down and up system, easy and fast loading of the pages, working hyperlinks, and proper urls.

A website that has a faultless navigation system is likely to hold a customer.

As search options are now- outdated and people tend to surf through the entire website, having a proper navigation system is important.

Your website navigation should comprise of scroll options, loading, hyperlinks, backlinks, proper urls and call to action buttons in order to navigate with easy directions.


Every action that you perform on a website is the result of the buttons or the call- to action buttons.
From downloading to ordering, registering or signing in, every action is a result of these buttons.

The reason of having buttons over some text with links is the modern outlook.
Attractive buttons with stylish shapes, designs, and colors with easy action instruction grabs the customers' attention.
As buttons help in taking action promptly and differ from the other content, users find it more convenient.

Add some call to action buttons on your home page, or other pages on website that will gain users attention and help in instant action.
You can use buttons or cta for Signup, Registration, Login forms, Contacting, etc.


Do you want your customers to leave after checking your status updates or want them to follow you on your social media accounts? Not only follow but also share your content on the social media?
Of course, you want them to follow you back and as well share your content so that it reaches a huge crowd.
This is the main reason, why having social media icons on website is considered as must have for modern websites.

Social media icons with links help in growing your followers as most people tend to stick to social media rather than signing up for a mailing service.
Along with it, you can build customer relations and as well increase your search engine ranking.


We all know, "Content is the King!"
Infact, a website is nothing but the collection of content that helps in selling products, gaining customers, etc
Having a well-organised content is important for the business, but the most important parts of the content is the story line.
A story line that tells customer about you and your business, your achievements, your success story

Don't miss out on some cool content marketing ideas

Your website may consist of several areas that depict your business, but a perfect website is never completed without these 2 pages:

a. About Us
Your home page and product pages might tell about your business, but what builds the trust is your story, the "About Us" page.
This page reflects your brand, your history, your future, your achievements, in short, your and your business' life.
While adding an about us page, be precise and tell who you are, what are your achievements, your success story, your team, etc.

b. Contact us
Do you know what provides a sense of security to the customers?
Oh yeah, it's the Contact Us page that assures them of the help and guidance 24*7

Any modern website is not successful without a contact details page.
So add a page that provides your location, your contact details, as well as a contact form with a map that helps in directing your physical location.


Website with only content and no images and videos is a big NO.
After all, images and videos are a great way to attract users to the website.

Stunning images, illustrations, background full videos, short videos can tempt users to the website.

Use of hero images, banners is a modern tactic to grow traffic.
Along with that, add some 'behind the scenes' videos, your 'products in making', branding videos, etc.
But don't overdo it.

Don't overload your website with images and videos, a few relevant and attractive are more than enough.


Everything starts and ends with a website that is mobile friendly.
Now-a-days, people are more likely to check out a website via a mobile phone rather than a computer or a laptop.
So having a website that has responsive design and can adjust its content based on the screen is a win-win option.

Choose a design that your customers can access through a mobile phone, a tablet, or a laptop.


Designing is easy but designing in accordance to these elements can be tricky.
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