01 - Aug - 2019
  Author- Nikita Rohira

One of the modern digital environment’s features is a remote multi-tasking device that can leverage all the day to day business and chores.
With advancement in technology and people getting smarter, the need for business to turn smart and future oriented has paved to new way of advancing business.

But how many of us do use that technology for growing business?
How many of us think about building a mobile app?

We are often unsure with the technology and its impact on our business. That little doubt in our mind stops us from being a futuristic businessman.

I have a solution for that little doubt and that is to clear your doubt.
For that, let's read onto the benefits of having a mobile application.

Let's proceed towards clearing your doubt: why you should have mobile application for your business, with the benefits and the industries it benefits.

1. Remote Friendly
Mobile! The only thing that no one forgets at home. From business to travelling to partying, all they have is their smart phone.
People don't use phone only for business, they use it for everything, infact, according to a research, 40% of people use the phone to surf new things, products, etc.
Thus, for those 40% who can be your 70%, having a mobile app for your business is must.
As people tend to move, so provide them with a solution that will help them even on the go...

2. Reach large number of crowd
Facebook, Instagram, twitter, messages, calls - the platforms that bring larger crowd together and one that holds them together everywhere every moment i.e., Smart Phone. No doubt, people can access these via computers and laptops but they can't carry it everywhere.
People always check out their mobile before heading somewhere or ordering something and if your business has a mobile app that can help your customers, they are likely to come to you.
They may not be able to reach you at physical location but via mobile app, they can stay connected to you and your business. Infact, you can reach out to those who are far away by distance.

3. Competitive edge
While your competitors must be struggling to bring that 1 new customer, you on the other hand, would be able to bring on 10 more without any efforts.
Your mobile app will bring them to you with the ratio of 1:10, i.e., 10 times more profit.

Consider you are in travel business and there's a tour group who want to book tickets and as well search for hotels, etc.
The first thing the group would do is call you or look out for the offers on their smartphones? But obvious, they would look out for the offers.
Now, suppose you have a mobile app and your competitor doesn't.
What would the group prefer in given situation?
Of course, they would choose you because your mobile app provides them with all the details they require without having to interact with you.

This is what we call a competitive edge!
You invested in app and that app makes your customers invest in you.

4. Brand building
Building a strong brand is all about creating trust. The trust that comes with design, relevant information and function rather than entertainment With high quality mobile app that provides users with information and practical functions, you can boost brand awareness and complete half the sales before you enter the door.

How do you differentiate smart phones based on their brand? What makes them a brand? Their features, description, offers, attractive designs, the way of communication all these makes up a brand, right?
Similarly, your customised professional business app with top notch features, relevant information, attractive design and easy communication methods is going to makes your brand.

5. Make fast & Easy appointments
Have you seen people making bookings via their computer or laptops? I have seen people making bookings often via a smart phone, doesn't matter if it's on a website or an app.
It's clear that for easy bookings people rush towards phone as they can book from anywhere anytime.

To make it fast, they need an alternative to website, i.e., a mobile app.
To understand this, let's take an example of Amazon.
First tell me, to check out the products on Amazon, what do you prefer the most? Amazon website via mobile phone or amazon's app ?
Most probably, the answer is Amazon's app.
The reason of the why is that app is much faster, effective and easy to use than scrolling down a website.

If you yourself tend to use an app, so will your customers.
Got the point?

6. Loyalty Points Program
Advertising, billboards, pamphlets, newspapers, flyers, coupons, website offers - we are surrounded by so many advertising sources that we fail to focus on our customers and what they actually need.
An app with loyalty points program will bring that close connection with your customers back. With loyalty points program and an app that's just a fingertip away will surely make them loyal to your products and services.

We have seen offers like: "Get 10 points on ordering via app" and even we don't miss out on those offers?
Of course, we love getting those extra points and so do our customers.

7. Be tech driven / be futuristic
These days every successful business has a mobile app because they know that's what the future holds.
Where many people are turning towards mobile phone, or say, in an era of smartphones, people are moving towards smartness rather than hard work.
Ergo, why to stick with those traditional ideas of growing business?
Be the first in your competitors to have a mobile app for your business. People will be astonished to see your future thinking.

We know having a technology driven system for growing business gives a cool and as well futuristic impression.

8. Easy Updation
Updating new products, new content, site on periodic intervals sometimes gets sluggish and hectic.
Updating an app seems quite easy? Your customers won't be disappointed with postponed plans; they can easily sneak through the new products and details on app.

9. Cost Effective with smooth functioning
By now, you have got the points that mobile app can help you make things more efficient, which will ultimately save your time and money in the long run.
Up of that building an app can enhance customer relation with greater profit returns.
Keeping all these in mind, now think about spending a sum on marketing, another lump on CMR features, and a lump for advertising, billboards, etc...

Overall, the mobile app which does all the work is much more cost effective. Up of that, 24*7 profit with a huge customer base

Considering all the benefits, the top 3 results you get from a mobile app are:
Increased sales,
Improved customer experience,
Competitive edge with a planned future growth

Let's see some of the beneficiaries of these benefits...

Industries that can benefit from having mobile apps and how:

  1. Travel - By providing interactive maps, search options for hotels and places, ticket bookings, etc
  2. Retail - By keeping a check on inventory management, selling products, allowing easy ordering.
  3. Restaurant - By providing table reservations and bookings, menu, ordering, price and product details, promotions, easy delivery and assistance.
  4. Beauty - Customers can schedule appointments, check information about services and products, can have an interactive chat to discuss problems and remedies, Reviews, FAQs
  5. Medicine - Easy consultations, appointment booking, first - aid call service.
  6. Entertainment - Check out events and news, allowing participation by online registration or some other means.
  7. Education - Online registration, study materials, Discuss forums, etc
  8. Delivery service - Details about products, places, allows easy ordering and prices.

This is just a glimpse of beneficiaries and the benefits.

The ultimate choice is yours, but the mobile application will help your business grow and make your customers life simpler and yet effective.
Not only will it be a cool marketing tool but also will give your brand a planned future growth.

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