06 - Jan - 2020
  Author- Nikita Rohira

Easing the selling process - IntelliSoftwares

Everytime we start planning about selling those extras to our clients, at first everything seems perfect.

But soon that fear of rejection and something 'would go' wrong, scares us.

In some cases, the fear is such that we stop communicating with the clients.

Eventually, no marketing, no communication and the sale drops!

However, with the below mentioned 3 methods, you can overcome your selling fear.

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1. Value over marketing:

For every business, marketing means trying to sell more products or service.

And there arises the biggest fear as we think from our perspective and not those of the clients.

If we sell something that brings value to the customers or is valuable, the sales are most likely to go up.

So the next time you're planning to communicate with a client, offer something of value without thinking of the outcome.


2. Redefine the selling process:

Instead of thinking about those extra profits and achieving the sale's target, think how you can help your customers, or serve them.

When the focus shifts from the gains towards the service, you can easily communicate with your clients and customers.

After all, we sell something for a person, not them. It's a kind of service.


3. Catch up frequently

Mostly we think selling, marketing, and meeting up with the clients once is enough.

However, the less prospects and lesser meetups can break the business.

You might be thinking about selling digitally?

Well, in this technological world of digital marketing, connecting via emails, messages, social media can help with the business.

But not instantly.

Thus, meeting in person and frequently with your clients can help your business grow today.

And the habit of meeting people on regular terms will make your selling process less scary.



Sales ain't scary.
It's just how you approach it.

The next time you head out to sell, remember what you provide and how it can help those client or customer.

The answer to these thoughts will help you serve in a better way.

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