27 - Apr - 2019
  Author- Nikita Rohira

Whether you're starting a startup or establishing a successful brand, you may be thinking about: Do I need a website for my business?

... And the answer is YES!
Yes, you need a good one.
A high-quality, attractive, sales boosting, stunning, brand-driven website.

As there's no reason not to have a website because website works no matter what!

So, in this article, we will learn about:

  • Reasons why you need a website
  • Common excuses
  • How much does it costs?

WHY is the favorite question of each and every business...
So let's proceed with it.


Deloitte's analysis in Connected Small Businesses in the United States found that digitally uproot businesses have significant benefits.
They: Earned two times as much revenue per employee
Experienced revenue growth over the previous year that was nearly four times as high
Were almost three times as likely to be creating jobs over the previous year
Had an average employment growth rate that was more than six times as high
Were also three times as likely to have exported over the previous year

All this applies to every industry despite their nature.

Still on the fence?
Read on, our top reasons to have a website.


REASON 1: Customer Expectations

Customers are generally considered as the Kings and Queens in the business world, and, hence, it is a-must for businesses to live up to their expectations.
Six out of ten consumers expect companies to have an online presence via some form of digital property or more likely a website.
If you don't have an online presence, you may lose out on your potential customers.


REASON 2: Reach out to people

According to a global report, 93% of consumers go online to find a local business.
Thus, in order to yield more profits and a good customer base, it is imperative for businesses to create channels to reach out to existing and potential clients.

With 3.5 billion searches on Google per day, and 40,000 search queries every second, your website with SEO gets a key-benefit.
What if someone's searching for your kind of exact service right now?


REASON 3: Showcase what you've to offer

Having your own website will allow you to display what you've to offer and why customers should engage with you?
Thus, instead of investing in promotional materials, brochures and catalogue can be served on websites wherein goods and services can be displayed.
That being said, care for your storefront - Doll up a website and start selling!


REASON 4: Beat the Goliaths

Did you know your digital presence can help you outdo your competitors?
Yes, it can, as most customers typically start buying after research and recommendations from peers and social media platforms.
According to a report, 72% of customers go online to find reviews, testimonials, etc.
This implies that you can beat your competitors with a website.


REASON 5: Online reviews provide Social Proof

This assertion is supported by a fact that a large number of potential customers seek to read website reviews before purchasing goods and services.
Even though sites like Yelp specialize in reviewing businesses, a website is highly recommended.


REASON 6: Tell your story

It's necessary for B2B and B2C companies to tell their stories to customers within 3-5 seconds of landing on their website.
We live in a world of instant results, where customer wants instant answers to their questions related to your website - Who you are?, What do you offer?, How to reach you?

Website answers their questions without you having to worry.


REASON 7: Let Google know you exist

Now-a-days people don't search, they google and with your website, you can be googled.
According to a study conducted by Synchrony Bank, 81% of people conduct online research before making a purchase.
Thus by maximizing the odds of showing up on Google by setting up proper SEO on your website, you can maximize your potential customers.


REASON 8: The New York Syndrome

Just like New York: the city that never sleeps, your website will never sleep, never take a day off, never ask for a raise and never mock-off on sunny days.
Your website can be your best salesperson; an ambassador to your brand.

Did you just hear a 24 hours salesman with no human excuses?



When it comes to not having a website, the business owners have a whole list of excuses that are incredibly misguided. The most common objections and our typical responses are listed below:


OBJECTION 1: “I don't have budget for a website.”

A valid reason!
Budget is always the concern for small businesses.
The thing is you can get a great website even in your budget.
If you've an established business like McDonalds or you're a startup company, you can break the budget in phases.
You can start up with a design phase, and later you can move onto other things like client login or a CRM integration, Sales, Reports and Analytics, etc.

Look—your website is not an advertisement that will be outdated after a few months. It's your tool for marketing, your number one marketing asset.
Get a website, get listed on Google — it doesn’t have to be expensive, but it needs to exist, and it needs to be able to be googled.


OBJECTION 2: “I have a good business. I don't need a website”

We always hear from people - My business is already doing well, why do I need a website?
If you have a great business with your local clientele and effective service - you may not need a website.
But if you wish you could communicate effectively with a broader range of clients, attract new customers, publicly post about your goods and services, break in to markets, and stay on top of your competitors then - Website is must.

A good website will answer basic questions right away - freeing you from lengthy phone calls.
You can add a reservation widget to save your hosts time and make operations smooth and fast.
You can build an online community with recipes, blogs, pictures, videos, or places to get local produce.
You can turn your brand into a product by gaining popularity.

There is SO MUCH a website can do to boost your bottom line.


OBJECTION 3: “I have a friend who can make websites for free.”

Is your friend a qualified web developer?
Having a friend or family member make your website is like trusting a bicycle rider to drive a Mercedes.

Websites is not just about the flashy graphics and catchy text, you need to have codes and tags that place your website higher in search engine results, user friendly, etc.
It's about having an optimized SEO website, file compression with responsive design.
If your pretty looking website lacks these basic features, you are definitely going to topple down.


OBJECTION 4: “Our customers aren't computer users”

Okay, your current customers may not be computer users.
But what about those who are? Whom you're missing out?

You're forgetting that "computer users" doesn't just imply to people using desktop computers or laptops.
It also includes people browsing websites, social media, and apps on mobile devices.
In fact, 77 percent of US adults own a smartphone, and in 2016, mobile web traffic outpaced desktop web traffic for the first time.

You should be concerned about your potential customers who are looking for you online, but unfortunately, couldn't find you.

If there's a smartphone, there must be a Website!


OBJECTION 5: "I don't need a website because I don't sell merchandise on-line."

You may not be selling merchandise online, but do you have a business?
Do you offer something special to customers like goods or services?
Then you definitely need a Website.
This is a huge misconception that businesses that don't have ecommerce don’t need a website.

If you offer something that people are looking for then consumers need to find you, learn about you.
They will search for you online to trust you and buy from you.

No matter what your business is, a website will target your potential audience.


OBJECTION 6: "I already have a web page on someone else's website. Why do I need two?"

Many a times, while searching for a restaurant, band, business online, the first result you get is a Google+ page or a Yelp page, or a facebook page, but you don't get an official website.
Having a Google+, Yelp, or a Facebook page is great! That's part of your marketing.
But you still need an official home where your customers can find your content live; a unique place to reveal your identity.

Just image, if facebook shuts down tomorrow?
The web is a fickle place! With social media, you may be a King today but you can even quickly disappear into irrelevance.
Horrible! Right?


OBJECTION 7: "I don't have time to maintain and update it."

I hope you've extra minutes, so...
Can you please send me the details on whatsapp?
Let's talk about that new game?
Tell me about today's news?

Exactly! That's the couple of time you need to spend on your website.

Check your webmaster tools report for errors, write a blog post, and do any updates for plugins that you may have.
Moreover, most of the companies now-a-days also offer website maintenance services. You'll never have to touch it.
So why is this excuse of time?

Clear with your excuses?

Yes yes! Now you might be thinking about the cost involved.
Let's proceed further to...



It’s natural to have questions and concerns about setting up a website. Cost is a common one.
It can be hard to obtain an accurate quote, particularly when very few firms post their rates online because the cost of website can vary depending on the project.

For example, you can choose to DIY by paying a low monthly fee to lease a spot on the platform.
On the other end, you can let a professional design company to customize your website tailored for your business.
Talking about the professional design company, IntelliSoftwares provides you an offer pack of S $990 including the CMS feature.

It's hard to judge how much a website cost just by looking at the design as what makes up the cost of a website lies "under the hood" that makes a website work. So, don't judge a website by its design. Design is just a piece of pie. Not the complete pie!

For a start-up business with zero budget, at least get a basic website that you can liven up later when you have a better cash flow.


Here’s what goes into the cost of a website:

Hosting – This is the service or company providing space on the internet for your website.
Domain Name – This is the URL that people type in their browser to get your website. This is shown as www.yourcompany.com, and is usually a yearly payment.
Design – The attractive graphics of your website.
Plugins & Extensions – Plugins and extensions are nothing but the extra features that you require like a CMS system, CRM system, etc. Typically, the more plugins you want, the more expensive a website gets.
Complexity of Design – The more customized your website is, the more expensive it is


You can either bang on with a little more bucks or can turn down.

Look, anyone who tells you that your business doesn't need a website is wrong.
Its 2019, and world is revolving around internet.

Don't let your competitors take away your chunk!

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