Ontogeny® MLM Solution is a first class SingSuite® family member. It uses various common products from SingSuite® like Sales, eCommerce, CRM, Inventory etc. SingSuite® is for any business on the face of the Earth. Ontogeny® uses various SingSuite® products in right proportion and adds MLM specific features as custom features on top of SingSuite®.

Never under-estimate the importance of your MLM software. This is going to be the backbone of entire business operation. This is going to store your entire network information, all sales, compute bonus, provide necessary reports. Maturity of the solution, ease of usage, performance of the solution with growing network, accuracy of bonus computations, ability to scale & allow thousands of network marketers to use the solution simultaneously, ability to withstand hacking attacks to prevent data stealing/ data manipulations, even price of using an effective solution for thousands of network professionals on-board would decide fate of your entire business venture.

Its important to choose a solution that is a (1) fully featured, (2) secured, (3) scalable & proven over years with multi-country operations and (4) priced right for usage over long term.

Most solutions available in the market fail in first 3 areas and those who fully satisfy first 3 areas are priced over USD 1/ affilate/ month. That translates to over USD 120,000/ year if you have more than 10,000 affiliates!

With Ontogeny® we bring you:

  1. A fully featured solution, so you don't compromise in any area.
  2. Secured solution - your data remains safe and no changes can take place without leaving trace.
  3. Scalable solution - You can grow from simple web based single country solution to global operations complete with mobile apps & smart clients with offline work/ synchronize later features. You can start low, grow in stages, at your own pace and we guarantee - no data duplication & downtime.
  4. With right pricing - Our solutions are priced to give complete peace of mind with charges in brackets of 5,000 affiliates. Effectively you pay less than USD 10 cents/ affiliate/ month.

Investing in Multi-level marketing to promote your products/ services is not an easy decision. You need to overcome stigma that is associated with MLM industry due to various forms of Ponzi/ Pyramid schmes. Yet there are certain products/ services which can only be effectively sold if combined with MLM strategies. Fortunately if you follow certain precautions, do the right things & persist then rewards can be unimaginable.

We have created 10 minute long industry education video. We highly encourage you to watch it on


MLM network levels are often referred to as Generations. Ontogeny® is truly a Guardian for your generations!

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